Monday, June 11, 2012

Farm Tour

Many thanks to all that visited Gibson Farms during the Carolina Farm Stewardship Upstate Farm Tour. I met lots of great people, gave many hay ride tours around the farm, and handed out many samples of our grass fed organic beef. I was exhausted after the weekend but felt energized by all of the kind words of support for our sustainable organic farm.

Things that make you wonder.....

During the farm tour I had intended to conduct a blind taste test of our organic grass fed beef verses some conventional cuts of grain fed beef purchased from a local grocery store. I was not able to do the taste test because I sold out of all all of my New York Strip Steaks before I had a chance to pull some for the taste test. I purchased the grain fed cuts of New York strip on Friday before the tour. The package had a sell by date of June 7th, two days after the tour. On Monday June 6th, I was moving things around in the fridge and noticed that the New York Strips that I purchased had turned color, from bright red to almost brown in just two days in the fridge. I opened one of the packages and noticed that the steaks had a rancid smell and realized that the steaks had spoiled over the weekend, even before the "sell by date" on the package. It made me wonder why. I have thawed many packages of Gibson Farms beef in the fridge and have left it in the fridge for a lot longer before cooking and have yet to see a package turn color and spoil . After a little research I think I have found the answer but I would love to hear thoughts and comments and opinions on why the steaks purchased from the store spoiled so quickly.

The weeks ahead

Looking forward to being at the new Filling Station Market in Anderson on Tuesday, June 12.

Clemson Area Farmer's Market every Friday from 3:30 pm till 6:30 PM

Downtown Greenville Market every Saturday from 8am till noon.

Slow Food Earth Market in Greenville every 3rd Thursday of each month from 3pm till 7pm.

Clemson Area Food Exchange and North East Georgia Locally Grown every weekend.

Saturday June 30th and July 1st, Georgia Mountain Farm Tour. Gibson Farms will be featured on the tour on Sunday July 1st.